The Directorate of Municipalities of Basra was established in the sixties of the last century and was associated with (18) municipalities of the provinces and districts except the municipality of Basrah and has now shrunk to (14) municipalities after the abolition of four municipal institutions as a result of the hostilities and fighting. The Directorate was abolished in 1987 and the work of the municipal institutions of the districts and districts was connected to the Municipality of Basra (Municipality of Basra). This procedure continued in 1991,



Municipalities shall exercise their duties in accordance with the Municipalities Management Law No. 165 of 1964 amending and the law of municipal imports No. 130 of 1963 as amended, as well as the implementation and implementation of Roads and Buildings No. 44 of 1935 and all relevant laws and legislations.

  • Implementation of the basic designs of cities
  • Clean the city and raise the waste and treat them with landfill sites
  • Opening, tiling, covering and maintaining the streets, as well as the development of pavements and side profiles
  • Land dispersion for various commercial, industrial and residential uses
  • Establishment of various service facilities such as (markets, shops, industrial and all kinds)
  • Construction of recreational facilities, parks, parks, game cities and central carrot organization
  • Laying streets and engineering procedures for traffic regulation, numbering of cities, construction of intersections, bridges and garages
  • Follow-up of property and real estate of municipal institutions such as centers of sale of crops, shops, squares and others
  • Municipal institutions have properties distributed throughout the governorate, which are managed and leased by these institutions in accordance with the Sale and Rent Law of the State No. 32 amended for 2013